Video Tutorial 1: Watermarks

I know I've previously included my first tutorial on creating watermarks for image protection - but now, i've included a video tutorial to refer to as well! This is my first - so don't go too tough on moi! You might have to click on the link below to access it though, since this video is initially large in size (think 1280x800px!) so it doesn't really accommodate Blogger's width size.
Click the link below to view it full-screen in HD! Click the mini-screen at the right-side of the bottom panel so you won't have to move up and down and left and right!
Video Tutorial 1: Watermarks

FIRST Tutorial is up!

All right!! This dormant blog is no longer under construction! I know it has been for the longest time but whatevs. Anyway, I just put up my first tutorial ever on watermarks for image protection, but on my main personal blog! Here's how to access it: See the 2 narrow bars below, right above the frame with the pink-haired girl? Those are dropdown menus - the top has the links with each and every tutorial, the bottom has the labels for whatever category of blog stuff you are looking for. Easy enough!
Now, see the long bar at the top right corner where it says 'Live Help: Offline'? Simply bring down the full bar and type whatever questions you may want to ask me! I would be online whenever I can, so feel free to ask then! More tutorials will follow up soon enough!


I included 2 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION' signs since I thought the Simpsons one was pretty cute. Thanks for your patience!
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